Zambian Construction Industry Positioned For Continued Growth Following 2014 Infrastructure Boom


The successful implementation of a number of infrastructure improvement projects, including the Link Zambia 8000 road project combined with a number of public and private sector investments are expected to boost economic activity and result in the continued growth of the Zambian Construction Industry.

At a recent meeting organized by the National Council for Construction (NCC), the council’s Executive Director Charles Mushota indicated  says the construction industry is this year expected to continue its pattern of growth with fund from the government being allocated to infrastructure development projects.

According to the Zambian Minister of Transport, Works, Supply and Communications Yamfwa Mukanga, development of Zambian infrastructure experienced positive and productive growth in 2014 with reports indicating that growth reached as much as 17.5%.

“Just like last year, Government has this year allocated funds towards infrastructure development projects,” he said, “The private sector, both local and foreign, are also undertaking various infrastructure projects that are boosting the industry further.”

Ongoing infrastructure projects include houses, roads, schools, health facilities, and office spaces accommodation across the country as well as a five-year strategic plan from the National Airports Corporation (NAC) to upgrade and expand its four airports and navigation services to meet internationally recognized standards and services.

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