Zambia Angola Sign Transport Agreement With Angola


Zambia and Angola have signed two bilateral agreements related to water and railway transport that will favor transport of goods and movement of people between the two countries which will eventually benefit trade.

The agreement includes the refurbishing of the Benguela railway which connects the Atlantic port of Lobito, Angola, to the eastern border town of Luau and to the rail networks of Zambia.

Under these agreements 600 km north western railways of Zambia will be built from Chingola, Solwezi, Lumwana till Mwinilunga-Jimbe.

The railway project has an estimated cost of USD 1 billion with the private sector having already invested almost 45% of the total cost.

The agreement will also operationalize the Shangombo-Rivungu canal waterway which connects western Zambia with south easterner Angola.

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