World Bank Encourages Telecom Sector To Grow Zambia Mobile Money System


The World Bank has encouraged the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA), the Zambian government and mobile service providers to work together to establish and grow a sustainable e-money ecosystem within the Zambia telecom sector.

According to the World Bank country representative for Zambia Kundhavi Kadiresan, as the country’s largest employer, the government of Zambia could provide volumes and scale, especially in rural areas by processing payments through a mobile money system.

Citing the country’s fourth economic brief with the focus on financial inclusion, Ms. Kadiresan explained that the acceptance and implementation of mobile e-payments in Zambia have been lower that they have been in other neighboring countries.

The focus of the brief is on the development of mobile e-payments and agency banking as models for expansion with opportunities for MTN, Airtel and Zamtel as the top mobile services providers in Zambia.

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