Government Promotes Investment In Zambia Information And Communication Technologies


In an effort to improve access to affordable services, the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) is encouraging increased involvement from private sector investors in the Zambia information and communication technologies (ICT) sector.

Over the summer, Margaret Mudenda, Director General of the ZICTA, spoke at the launch of a growing fixed satellite solution service provider in Africa, iSAT Africa Zambia, and indicated the need for improvements to the infrastructure development in the rural areas of the country.

To that end, the ZICTA hosted cocktail for Ambassadors earlier this month at which the Zambian Deputy Minister for Transport, Works, Supply and Communications, Panji Kaunda, praised the country’s ICT industry as one of the fastest growing in the region as a result of strong government policies that support an independent regulator and encourage competition.

Col. Kaunda went on to identify several government initiatives including the expansion of ICT services to rural areas and the ongoing Zesco Limited fibre optic expansion project in which the second phase will cost nearly USD 60 million and cover 10 provinces and 46 urban and rural towns.

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