Zambia Refined Gold Exporting To Begin In 2015


According to the Zambia Minister of Mines, Energy, and Water Development Christopher Yaluma, the establishment of two new gold refineries in Lusaka and the Eastern Province will make it possible for Zambia to begin exporting processed gold next year.

Additionally, Hon. Yaluma has also indicated that conversations with investors with an interest in gold refineries have advanced and the Government is committed to ensuring Zambia reaches a point where all export products have a value-addition to them

“Some countries in the region have gold refineries and one example is South Africa, so we are also working towards ensuring that there is value-addition to our products being exported,” he said, “And once the gold refineries are established, miners will be in a position to sell or have their gold processed.”

The Zambian economy remains largely dependent on the country’s mining sector, which contributes nearly 70% of the foreign exchange.

Illegal gold mining has become a significant issue within the sector, but Hon. Yaluma has indicated that the Government is focused on educating the public on the need to obtain licenses and arresting any offenders.

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