Zambia Largest Copper Mine To Open New Production Site


By the end of 2014, First Quantum Minerals (FQM), operator of the largest Zambia copper mine, is prepared to open production at is Sentinel project in the North-Western Province of Zambia in a move that is expected to result in the extraction of approximately 300,000 tons of copper per year.

The Sentinel project is the first of three large open pit mines that will be developed within the larger Trident project and has an anticipated lifespan of approximately 15 years with the possibility of additional future drilling and exploration opportunities.

According to Clive Newall, the president of FQM, the Sentinel project is important to the future growth and expansion of the company, which will continue to explore new mining opportunities both in Zambia and in other parts of the world.

“We continue to look for opportunities, but the bar is set very high,” he said, “There have to be the very best projects out there.”

First Quantum Minerals Ltd. is an established Vancouver-based mining and metals company operating seven mines and developing five projects worldwide with the view to source new projects that will bring 30% returns to its shareholders.

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