Zambian Electricity Company Expands Power Grid To Rural Areas


According to the Daily Mail Zambia, the Zambian electricity company Zesco Limited showed off its effort in the development of the country’s rural areas electricity grid.

Zesco spokesperson Henry Kapata said the company has enough poles to meet the rising demand, using over 20,000 poles per year to enable more consumer access to electricty.

The firm acquires the poles locally and regionally from Zimbabwe and South Africa to ensure the constant supply of poles.

The power company has recently connected electricity to Kabwe’s Makululu area, as mentioned by Mr Kapata , he indicated that 800 customers were connected so far, while 150 are on stand-by.

He added that the firm was working hard to ensure all the new districts and other rural areas that do not have power got connected to the national grid.

However, Kapata indicated that connecting the whole country to the national grid would necessitate large investments.

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