Zambia Registration Agency To Reduce Cost Of Business Via Decentralization


The Zambia Patents and Company Registration Agency (PACRA) is now in partnership with more than 50 local authorities in Zambia to run its decentralization programme which eyes reduction of cost in doing business in Zambia.

According to the PACRA official now people from remote areas interested in doing business will not need to travel all the way to Lusaka as PACRA services can be accessed at local authorities.

53 provincial local authorities all over Zambia now can help these businesses in getting registered.

Vaida Njobvu, publicc relations office for PACRA has said that decentralization programme at PACRA has “significantly reduced the cost of doing business and has also made the registration process easy”.

Under the country wide programme PACRA has also cancelled registration of 929 companies by mid of January this year as these companies failed to file their annual returns.

PACRA is repeatedly accessed by investors interested in various investment opportunities in Zambia to collect information about registered businesses.

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