Zambia Government Achievements Recognized At United Nations Annual Meeting


The Zambian Government received the recognition from the United States and Sweden Governments during the last United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) annual meeting, for the achievements in economic growth and human rights inclusion of the last decade

During the meeting that took place in New York this month, Zambia’s Finance Deputy Minister Christopher Mvunga delivered the country’s national voluntary presentation in the ECOSOC.

Minister Mvunga highlighted the fast and constant economic growth in the country averaging 6.0% annually in the past decade.

In addition, the reduction of Zambia’s inflation below 8% has given to international markets the sense of stability necessary for the development of businesses in the country, something that is reflected in the Foreign Direct Investment’s (FDI) growth of the past decade from USD 357 million in the year 2004 to USD 2,231 million at the end of last year.

He also mentioned that even though Zambia has achieved some Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) such as those in education and health care, there are still more challenges to beat regarding to human development and equality.

“Thank you, Deputy Finance Minister Mvunga, for your presentation, which well illustrates the challenges of ensuring that solid economic growth also contributes to poverty reduction and sustainable development,” said United States Representative to ECOSOC Ambassador Richard Erdman.

On the other hand, Sweden’s Permanent Representative to the UN Ambassador Olof Skoog, explained that Sweden welcomes the Zambian strong focus on issues concerning governance, accountability, transparency, rule of law, and participation, as well as encouraged Zambia to keep addressing efforts to empower women and girls in the country.

The Zambian Government has developed 39 indexes in order to measure the MDGs’ success. The implementation of these goals will took place in the next meeting in September and will keep the focus on social justice and equality, indicated Minister Mvunga.

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