Zambia Encourages Investments In Mining, Agriculture, Construction, Manufacturing And Tourism


Zambia President Michael Sata has re-affirmed the government’s commitment to the Zambia investment climate and indicated their intent to continue to provide prudent economic policies that will help make the country a business hub in the region.

According to President Sata the government will continue to work to encourage growth and innovation across all sectors, but with a particular focus on the mining, agriculture, construction, manufacturing and tourism sectors.

“We expect these sectors to continue being strong drivers of growth supported by the strong investment in transport and energy infrastructure that our government is undertaking,” he announced in a statement that was released to visitors at the ongoing Zambia International Trade Fair (ZITF).

The Zambia International Trade Fair is celebrating 50 years of contributing to the consolidation of the economic and cooperation ties between Zambia and the rest of the world by encouraging collaboration between the countries that participate in the annual event.

Acknowledging that the trade fair has played a key role in the transformation and development of the Zambia business community, President Sata encouraged increased collaboration between the business community, investors, exhibitors and show goers in order to create jobs, increase wealth and reduce poverty levels for Zambians.

“Let us celebrate the vital role the Zambia International Trade Fair has played in the transformation and development of our country,” he stated, “our support to the trade fair will remain strong and it is my earnest hope that we will see more business houses using trade fair as their platform for reaching out Zambians and the international community.”

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