Zambia Healthcare Sector To Receive Multimillion-Dollar Investments From Saudi Arabia


The Zambian First Lady Esther N.T. Lungu has recently announced that multimillion-dollar investments from Saudi Arabia are coming next years to Zambia’s healthcare sector to improve supply of drugs, equipment and infrastructure.

InterHealth Canada, a Saudi based organization specializing in the development and management of healthcare facilities, will award Zambia with a grant up to USD 3 million worth of drugs and equipment for medical institutions according to a pre-established long-term plan.

The announcement was done by the First Lady Esther Lungu in an interview with Arab News where she elaborated that the latter investment in infrastructure includes preparation of feasibility studies, project finance and development of construction models.

In addition, a submission of documents was completed to the Saudi Fund for Development (SFD) for assistance to culminate the construction of the 800-bed hospital for children and women which was undertook in 2013 but remained stalled after the change in government, explained the First Lady.

Zambia has so far received an approximated amount of USD 70 million (SAR 262 million) in help from the SFD according to Zambia’s Embassy to Saudi Arabia.

It accounts for 1.15% of the total funds granted by the SFD in Africa which totals 307 projects across 44 countries at a total cumulative investment of SAR 22,868 million according to SFD’s 2014 annual report.

Advanced Electronic Systems International (AESI), a Saudi consulting firm in engineering and project management, has also proposed a millionaire investment in infrastructure projects in the health sector on a build-own-operate-transfer model (BOOT) with the Zambian government.

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