Lusaka Second Best City For Investment In Africa, Says PwC


According to the report titled “ Into Africa – The continent’s Cities of Opportunity” published by PwC on March 17, 2015 Lusaka is second only after Dar Es Salaam among the top five cities in Africa that are conspicuous sites for investment at the moment.

The five cities are, in descending order: Dar es Salaam, Lusaka, Nairobi, Lagos, and Accra.

Overall Lusaka is the 14th most dynamic and focused on the future city, among a pool of 20 top African cities.

Paul Cleal, partner and PwCs Africa Business Group Leader commented: “We have sought to answer ‘what makes an African city one of opportunity’ by developing a set of questions that investors should ask themselves and themes on which city politicians and officials can work on to improve their competitiveness. This report assesses how the cities are performing not only on a regional level but also on an international one which is hugely important in terms of these cities being able to compete and prosper on both of these stages.”

PwC studied four indicators: Economy, infrastructure, human capital and society & demographics (which in total contains 29 variables). 

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