Commitment To Science And Research Will Improve Zambia Health Services


According to Zambia Vice President Guy Scott who spoke during the ceremony for Investing in Health in Africa at the US-Africa Leaders Summit, the Government of Zambia is committed the maintenance of science and research as the foundation Zambia health programming and policy formulations.

In a move towards increasing Zambians access to quality health services, the Government has established the Tropical Diseases Research Center as the country’s primary health-related research center and is currently working to set up a National Health Research Authority that will regulate and coordinate all health-related research.

 According to Dr. Scott, Zambia has recorded significant achievements in its research into the treatment of malaria resulting in a national policy change in treatments plans from Chloroquine to Artemisinin Combination-based Therapy (ACT).

Results from a cluster-randomized trial in Zambia indicate that the provision of ART in maternal child healthcare facilities has nearly doubled the uptake of ART by pregnant women.

According to Zambian ambassador to the United States, the commitment of the Zambia government to becoming a regional leader for securing desirable outcomes in the health sector is evidenced by the initiation of health care projects including the construction of 650 health posts and the upgrading of numerous health centers in the country.

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