World Bank And African Development Bank Award Zambia With USD 115 million for Lusaka Sanitation Project


The World Bank (WB) and the African Development Bank (AfDB), have announced a total funding of USD 115 million to the Republic of Zambia, for the Lusaka Sanitation Project.

AfDB’s Board of Directors approved a loan to fund with USD 50 million the project, while the WB’s International Development Association (IDA), proposed a credit of USD 65 million for the same objective.

The project is meant to deliver improved public health by the enhancement of access to climate-resilient sanitation, hygiene services to the peri-urban areas, and the strengthen of Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company’s (LWSC) management.

The Lusaka Sanitation Project is comprised by three stages, sewerage improvements, develop of on-site sanitations and LWSC’s institutional strengthening. The funds assigned for each stage are USD 79 million, USD 23 million, and USD 9 million respectively.

LWSC will be in charge of the project’s implementation as well as addressing funds flows to the operators and other entities involved in the project’s activities.

According to the AfDB, the project’s sustainability is assured thanks to the engagement of key stakeholders and actors in the implementation of activities such as the Lusaka City Council, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Local Government, and other development partners and non-governmental organizations in the project area.

Zambia suffers from a lack of adequate sanitation infrastructure. The country, loses 1.3% of its GDP due to public health impacts of poor sanitation, which becomes Zambia into the hardest hit in the region by these issues.

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