Zambia To Reduce Transport Cost On Nakonde-Tunduma Corridor Linking With Tanzania


On 19th June 2015, the Government of Zambia has signed an agreement with Tanzania to reduce transport costs in the Nakonde-Tunduma corridor linking the two countries by eliminating non-tariff barriers.

The Nakonde-Tunduma corridor is a key border control in the transport of goods from Dar es Salaam Port in Tanzania, through Zambia, to finally reach the DR Congo.

According to the progress report by TradeMark Southern Africa (TMSA) which was assigned by the Government of Zambia to support the improvement of the border management, implementing one stop border post by the Nakonde-Tunduma corridor will enhance the operational efficiency yields and fasten transit times then lower costs of trading.

The agreement was signed by the Zambian Minister of Transport, Works, Supply, and Communications, Mr. Yamfwa Mukanga, and Tanzania’s Minister of Finance, Ms. Saada Mkuya in Dodoma, Tanzania.

The deal is part of two bilateral agreements for the improvement on the regulation of cross border passengers’ road, and freight transport.

Under them, Zambia and Tanzania engage to improve road levels under the South African Development Community (SADC) Protocol on Transport establish in 1992 that involves 15 countries and seeks the development in the region.

Zambia’s Ministry of Transport, Works, Supply, and Communications’ Director, Mr. Nelson Nyangu, said the operations along the Nakonde-Tunduma corridor are vital for linking the two countries and accompany imports and exports in the region and it is their obligation to ensure the smoothly transport of goods and services immediately.

Zambia is currently applying for loans from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to finance the Chinsali-Nakonde road that will connect with the Nakonde-Tunduma corridor.

The loan will be used for reconstruction of roads, consultancy services, trade facilitation, and institutional support and capacity building. The final amount is still in evaluation.

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