Zambia Railways Limited Seeks USD 50 Million To Restore Inter-Mine Railway


Zambia Railways Limited (ZRL) has been reconstructing and improving the rail lines of the country extensively since 2012 upon receiving the Eurobond, and is currently is looking for USD 50 million investment to restore the inter-mine railway among 10 mining zones.

Upon construction of the additional mileage of railway, ZRL expects the mining business to improve its efficiency and to increase its transport capacity to five tones of minerals by 2018 instead of the current three tones annually.

The ZRL stated that it is seeking the required USD 50 million to complete this project through public-private partnerships.

“The source of the capital requirement will be through public private partnerships with approval from the government, the mines and other stakeholders and cooperating partners”, said the ZRL, adding: “Capital injection of US$50million is required to construct the new lines to new inter-mine production centres and to grow the business.”

The current inter-mine railway is 167 kilometers long and requires an additional 97.1 kilometer in order to service ten more mining zones and railway stations including Lubambe Mine to Chililabombwe, Chambishi Copper to Chambishi railway station, the Mwekera together with Neel Kathi and Luanshya Mines to Ndola, Dangote Cement to Bwana Mkubwa line and to Bridge shipping, Konkola Copper to Nchanga, and Mopani Mine to Mufulira railway station.

Among other ZRL railway improvement projects are the construction of two ports in Mozambique, increasing passenger carrying capacity, building 569 kilometers of rails connecting different points of the country, and reviving commuter trains.

All the ZRL measures are aimed at reviving Zambian railway system and making Zambia a local transport hub for the neighbouring countries of Congo, Angola, Namibia and Mozambique.

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