Fastjet Low Cost Airline Receives Permission To Launch Services In Zambia


The African budget airline, Fastjet, has received an Air Service Permit (ASP) indicating that Zambian authorities have approved of their business plan, aircraft choice and proposed structure and that they will be allowed to launch their services in Zambia offering both domestic and international flights.

The Fastjet Zambia team is now working to submit the remaining documents and manuals required to complete the application process before receiving an Air Operators Certificate (AOC), which will allow them to officially launch their flight operations.

According to The CEO and Interim Chairman of Fastjet, Ed Winter, the airline is eager to expand their services across the region and is encouraged by the response of Zambian authorities.

 “We have been working tirelessly to roll out the Fastjet model across the region and obtaining the ASP in Zambia is a really positive step forward,” he said, “This vote of confidence from the authorities is a major step along that road.”

Established in 2012, with its first regional hub in Tanzania, Fastjet aims to become the Africa’s first pan-continental airline and will make Zambia its second African base, where it plans to operate low-cost flights to various destinations across East and Southern Africa.

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