Zambia Tourism Has Growth Potential, Tourist Board Says


According to the Zambia Tourism Board, Zambia is an emerging domestic tourism destination with the potential to grow into a global destination.

The Ministry of Tourism Permanent Secretary, Stephen Mwansa, recently spoke at a press briefing at the Zambia International Trade Fair (ZITF) and indicated that the Government is committed to making domestic tourism more affordable and has engaged the private sector to ensure that Zambians become the primary tourists in the country.

“We are engaging the private sector to make it affordable for locals because if we increase the number of local tourists, then we increase our income,” said Mr. Mwansa.

According to a recent report in The Post Newspapers Zambia, the Zambia Tourism Board director of tourism, Ambassador Albert Muchanga, domestic tourism must succeed in order to eventually grow Zambia as a global destination.

“The overall growth of Zambia as a global destination will depend on how successful we are in developing the case which is the domestic tourism segment,” he said.

In an effort to improve the current situation in which tourism establishments charge rates for facilities that are below standard, the Ministry of Tourism has launched a new program intended to train assessors on proper techniques of grading hospitality establishments including hotels, lodges, and guesthouses and create a system-wide standard.

Additionally, Ambassador Muchanga, indicated that the ministries of tourism and local government were collaborating to improve processes for tourism establishments to procure building permits, business licensing and health inspections.

According to the Zambia Ministry of Tourism and Arts, in 2012 the country received 859,088 tourists.

Source: Zambia Ministry of Tourism and Arts
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