Zambia Tourism Board Expands Marketing In EU And US To Increase Arrivals


The Zambia Tourism Board (ZTB) has announced plans to expand its marketing efforts in the European Union and the United States in 2015 in an effort to stimulate the tourism industry and increase the overall number of tourist arrivals.

According to the Managing Director of the ZTB, Felix Chaila, the board is working to create strong marketing strategies to penetrate the two markets through participation in road shows and increasing their online and print media presence in both strategic markets.

In an interview with the Times of Zambia, Mr. Chaila went on to stress the importance of active partnerships between stakeholders in the tourism industry and the ZTB in order to bolster tourism and create jobs.

“When you are talking about returns on investments from the tourism sector,” he said, “they range but you can have some very low capital intensive investment like guesthouse or a lodge, because it is very easy to set up and start getting results especially those situated in national parks.”

Mr. Chaila urged the private sector to support efforts to market Zambia as a tourism destination and encouraged investors to explore opportunities within the sector that would make it more attractive to tourists from the EU and the US as well as to its neighbors in Kenya, South Africa and other Southern Africa countries.

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