Zambia Government To Set Up Economic Zones In Livingstone To Boost Tourism


The government of Zambia aims to create Multi-Facility Economic Zones (MFEZ) in Livingstone to gear up the investment in the tourism sector.

The government aims to make Livingstone a tourist capital with requisite infrastructure and service provision.

According to local media the country’s Tourism and Arts Permanent Secretary Mr. Stephen Mwansa said while addressing the tour operators in Livingstone that “creation of economic zones will attract more investment and will enable establishment of convention centre through public-private partnership”.

Mr. Mwansa mentioned that “the process is underway to relocate tourism statutory bodies to Livingstone, but will take time”.

Mwansa says that “Zambia a top-class airport and to make judicious use of it we are in talks with foreign airlines to open routes into Zambia to improve connectivity internally and with the rest of the world.”

The newly-constructed Chambishi Multi-Facility Economic Zone (CMFEZ) on the Copperbelt also has around 43 foreign and local companies setting up businesses.

The MFEZ concept is designed to make Zambia a centre of excellence in economic development through increased activity in the trade and manufacturing sectors of the economy.

The multi facility economic zones are therefore special industrial zones for both export and domestic oriented industries.

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