More Than 1 Million Tourists Expected In 2015 As World Health Organisation Declares Zambia Yellow Fever Free


The number of tourists visiting Zambia is expected to be more than 1.5 million in 2015, according to Tourism Council of Zambia (TCZ).

The main contributor to the promising forecast is the recent lifting of yellow fever certification as a requirement for travellers from Zambia by South Africa and Botswana, following the World Health Organisation (WHO) declaring Zambia a yellow fever free zone.

Mr. Felix Mulenga, Chairman of TCZ, explained that yellow fewer “adversely affected the number of tourist arrivals as most people resorted to visiting other countries like Zimbabwe where there was no such requirement”.

The average number of tourists visiting Zambia before lifting of Yellow Fever certificate requirement has been 950,000 per year.

Tourism has been defined as priority sector by the government of Zambia, with the target to create 300,000 jobs by 2016.

This represents significant growth from the tally of 57,337 jobs in the Tourism sector counted in 2013.

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