Zambia Telecomm Provider Launches “Hello Doctor” Mobile Health Service


The second largest Zambia mobile operator, MTN Zambia, has announced the launch of a new mobile health service called ‘Hello Doctor,’ an SMS-based health service that will provide users with expert medical advice and answers to questions ranging from maternal health to nutrition obesity and general health.

According to the MTN Zambia Chief Marketing Officer, Clement Asante, the service was launched in an effort to address some of the challenges faced by its customers and provide affordable solutions to barriers that prevent them from accessing medical services.

“Hello Doctor is a direct response to some of the challenges we face in the health sector,” he said, “Some of these challenges include distance. Its convenience helps eliminate distance barriers and can improve access to medical services that would often not be consistently available especially in distant rural communities.”

Subscription to the ‘Hello Doctor’ service will cost ZMK 1 for access to two tips per subject per day.

“Hello Doctor” is the second health solution to be offered by MTN Zambia behind its “Talk2Baby” that allows expectant mothers to verify their stage of pregnancy and what to expect at that stage.

MTN Zambia is part of the MTN Group, a multi-national telecommunications company with operations in 21 countries, and first began its operations in Zambia after acquiring Telecel in 2005.

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