Zambia 4G Internet Access Expanded With New HomePack Bundle


The second largest mobile operator in Zambia, MTN, has announced the launch of a group of 4G data bundles known as a HomePack designed specifically for home use and intended to improve the quality of and access to internet services across the country.

According to the head of the enterprise business unit for MTN Zambia, Mark Townsend, the new offering is in line with the company’s vision of providing data solutions to its customers and has been categorized into four categories to make it more accessible and user-friendly.

“The Internet has now become a necessity and its access must be at anybody’s convenience,” he said.  “Our MTN HomePack enables families to access the Internet in the comfort of their homes.”

The HomePack bundle will only be available to customers through a special 4G home router provided directly by MTN using 4G LTE technology so as to ensure the quality and speed of the internet service.

According to Mr. Townsend, the 4G LTE technology that is available is a part of a larger network transformation plan that MTN has been working on for several years.

“Home users will now have an opportunity to enjoy unparalleled Internet and data experience such as superfast download and upload of files, seamless streaming of music videos and HD movies,” he said. 

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