USD 15 Million To Be Invested To Expand Zambia Fibre Broadband Network


Following the appointment of Andrew Kapula to the post of Managing Director of CEC Liquid Telecom in Zambia, the Zambia telecom group has announced its plans to invest more than USD 15 million in order to expand their fibre-based broadband network to make it more accessible to consumers across the country.

According to reports, Mr. Kapula will also work to expand into new vertical markets and diversify the company’s product portfolio.

“Zambia has a highly competitive telecoms market,” stated Mr. Kapula, “It’s great to be leading the team in Zambia and we will be working extremely hard to increase our market share, penetrate new markets and continue to provide businesses and homes with the fastest and most reliable broadband service in the country, coupled with outstanding customer service. Liquid Telecom is building Africa’s digital future and I share the company’s belief that everyone should have access to fast broadband.”

CEC Liquid Telecom is a joint venture between CEC, a Zambian power generation, transmission and distribution company, and the Liquid Telecom Group; together they have created a fibre network of more than 1,200 km across Zambia, representing the largest single fibre network in the country to date.

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