Zambia Seeks Strengthened Economic Relations With South Korea


According to the Zambian Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba, Zambia is eager to learn new strategies to add value to raw materials such as Zambian copper, cotton, and manganese through strengthen economic ties with South Korea.

During a recent visit to Zambia, South Korean special envoy Cho Zi Hwan indicated that South Korea is prepared to share its industrial and technological experiences with Zambia and encouraged Zambia to take advantage of the Korean Economic Development Fund to further improve public administration security systems.

“There are many areas our two countries can cooperate in,” he said, “Your country is endowed with a lot of natural wealth which we can help you exploit.”

According to Hon. Kalaba, increased collaboration and cooperation between the two countries will not only foster economic relations, but will also allow both countries to benefit from the expertise resources the other has to offer.

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