Renault Enters Zambia Auto Market


Following the signing of a formal partnership agreement, French carmaker Renault has announced plans to launch its products and services to the Zambia auto market in January 2015.

The group will supply the market via F-One Hazida Ltd who will be the sole distributor of Renault vehicles in Zambia.

According to Viatcheslav Kozlov, Operational Manager for English and Portuguese-speaking Africa, Renault has careful studied the local market to ensure the affordability and reception of their products by Zambian consumers.

In an interview with The Post Zambia he indicated that Renault will propose its products at the market price to make it competitive against the competitors.

Kozlov went on to indicate that the French automobile company, which already has a significant presence in Africa in South Africa, Morocco and Algeria, is eager to respond to the available demand in Zambia with an initial launch of three models and plans for future expansion.

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