Giordano International Fashion Brand Enters Zambia


Hong Kong clothing retailer, Giordano, has announced plans to become the first major international fast fashion brand to enter the Zambian clothing market with plans to open its first store in Lusaka at the end of January 2015.

According to the director of Giordano Zambia, Chirag Mittal, the retailer will be the first clothing brand with a global footprint to come to the African country.

“Most clothing brands operating in Zambia are from South Africa and can claim to have a Pan-African presence at best,” he said, “I think Giordano will be the first genuine global clothing brand to come to Zambia with a global footprint of over 40 countries in four Continents with Africa now being the 5th.”

Giordano was founded in 1981 in Hong Kong and today boasts more than 2,500 stores globally.

In Africa the retailer is currently present in Tanzania, Mauritius, Algeria and Libya.

The company reported annual global turnover in 2013 was nearly USD 1 billion.

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