Germany Provides 121 Million In Financial Aid To Zambia


Zambia has received nearly EUR 121.5 million in aid from the government of Germany to be used in ongoing and future development projects between 2014 and 2016 including water and sanitation, financial governance, and civil society participation, among others.

According to the Permanent Secretary of the Zambia Ministry of Finance, Felix Nkulukusa, who spoke at signing ceremony on November 19th 2014, the funds will also be used to support new projects within the energy, agriculture and wildlife management sectors.

The agreement between the two governments was reached following two days of discussions, during which the head of German delegation, Alois Schneider, praised Zambia for its development plan and indicated Germany’s commitment to a continued partnership.

“One of the key objectives of German cooperation in Zambia is to make our programs long-term sustainable to foster development and to contribute to the alleviation of poverty,” he said, “by building upon our already existing programs and further optimizing them, we guarantee a maximum of sustainability.”

Relations between the two countries were first established immediately following the achievement of Zambian independence 50 years ago and relations have since remained open, constructive and dependable.

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