British Government Aims To Increase UK Zambia Trade


The British Government has appointed a new officer to promote UK-Zambia trade relations with the aim of increasing trade to more than the current ZMK 1.2 billion per annum.

According to the British High Commissioner James Thornton, the British government has been working to improve and promote commercial relations between the two countries, but for the first time, the Commission has appointed Vichaya Chungu with the sole mission of promoting trade.

 “I am seeing a lot of interest in Zambia on the part of British companies, but the opportunities available in Zambia deserve to be even better known in the UK,” he said, “Part of Vichaya’s job will be to ensure that happens.”

According to James Thornton, the United Kingdom remains committed to supporting Zambian economic growth and the Department for International Development is implementing a number of programs to facilitate this process.

“I am therefore very positive that this mission too can make a meaningful contribution to Zambia’s employment and wealth creation,” he said, “It is my desire and hope that this trade and investment mission will help take the existing warm UK-Zambia relationship to the next level.”

Hon. Vichaya, who has previous experience in international trade relations and in the Zambia logistics industry, will work as a part of the team in Zambia and report to the UK Trade and Investment promotion agency.

According to Hon. Vichaya, her mission includes plans to increase trade in the infrastructure, agriculture and extractives sectors as well as plans to improve education and skills in these sectors.

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