Zambian Revenue Authority Launches E-Payment System

On Wednesday August 27th 2014, the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA), together with the Finance Bank of Zambia Limited (FBZ), launched its first e-payment system for domestic taxes through web portals and ATM’s.

The e-payment platform allows taxpayers to register for a Taxpayer Identification Number (TPIN), and execute online real time payments 24/7 from anywhere.

Zambian taxes covered by the new payment system include: Property Transfer Tax, Withholding Tax, Presumptive Tax, Mineral Royalty Tax, Pay as You Earn as well as many other services related to domestic taxes.

Speaking at the launch of the service in Lusaka, ZRA Commissioner General Berlin Msiska said that the launch marked a milestone in the Authority’s modernisation and added: “It is therefore our appeal to the rest of the banks and mobile payment vendors to accelerate the development of their e-payment solutions for Tax on Line and Asycudaworld and contribute towards the transformation to tax service delivery in Zambia”. 

Also present, FBZ Managing Director Barkat Ali said that the bank was joining global financial institutions in investing e-products because “Today in the competitive world, you need better technology. You cannot work without it”.

He also added that the bank would spend USD 6 million to improve its services through technology.

In order to be eligible for the service, interested taxpayers will need a TPIN and a FBZ account.

FBZ personal and sole trader account holders will also be able to execute payments at any of FBZ’s more than 100 ATM’s in Zambia, using their Visa or proprietary cards.

Mr. Msiska said the upgrade from Asycuda++ to Asycudaworld was completed last May and that the new system was now operational in 23 customs offices.

The Automated System for Customs Data (Asycuda) is a computerized system designed by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Develoment (UNCTAD) to administer a country’s customs.

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