Zambia Bonds And Derivative Exchange Looking For Partners


The Zambia Bonds and Derivative Exchange (BADeX) seeks foreign and local financial partners for investment in long-term finance.

BADeX CEO Peter Sitamulaho who has recently taken over the exchange has said that partnerships will be of utmost importance as this investment will be used in future expansion of BADeX.

In an interview BADeX CEO said that “we are now entering phase two of our strategic plan [and] we expect to attract liquidity from the financial markets” as Zambian companies are now looking for hedging their risks.

Mr. Sitamulaho has mentioned that in phase two of BADeX development, bond market in Zambia will be operationalized.

Mr. Sitamulaho has also said that BADeX will establish the first market of commodity futures in Zambia.

The Bond and Derivative Exchange Zambia (Plc) (BaDEx) was incorporated in 2009 and became a licensed exchange in 2011.

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