Leading Telecommunications Company Migrates To Mobile Banking


MTN Zambia has announced the migration of its Mobile Money platform and a new focus on mobile banking in Zambia in order to increase value to its customers.

According to Amon Jere, Chief Sales and Distribution Officer for MTN Zambia, the migration will introduce new functionalities to better support the expansion of Mobile Money products and services.

“In today’s fast paced world, the two key words in any business transaction are time and security,” he said, “MTN Zambia is focused and committed to harnessing advancements made in mobile technology to deliver digital solutions aimed at enhancing both businesses and the lives of our individual consumers.”

Mr Jere also said that the developed world and part of Africa is slowing moving towards a cashless society and that Zambia must not lag behind.

Mr. Jere noted that parts of the country are not serviced by brick and mortar banks yet inhabitants of such areas own mobile phones and are in need of banking services.

MTN Zambia accounts for a large number of mobile phone users in Zambia and its footprint across the country makes it a key platform for financial inclusion.

MTN Zambia is part of the MTN Group, a multi-national telecommunications company, and began operations in Zambia after acquiring Telecel in 2005.

MTN Zambia is the country’s fastest growing network and now covers all 10 provinces in the country with a 39% market share.

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