Zambian Renewable Energy Project Launched


A United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) four-year renewable energy technology transfer project between China, Zambia and Ghana, was launched on September 22nd. 

The project called « China-Zambia South-South Co-operation on Renewable Energy Technology Transfer », aims at increasing access to renewable energy by transferring Chinese renewable energy technologies and skills to local populations, providing off-grid solutions to communities located far from the power grid.

According to Zambia Ministry of Mines, Energy and Water Development (MEWD) Permanent Secretary Charity Mwansa, the project would include the construction of a micro-hydro power station, which will showcase sustainable energy practices.

United Nations Resident Co-Ordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in Zambia Janet Rogan said that Zambia has the second largest potential for clean solar power in the world, and an abundance of rivers and water resources in the rural areas with enormous potential for clean hydro-power, but that both are currently virtually unused.

The initiative is a partnership between the Department of Energy in Zambia, the Ministry of Science and Technology in China, the UNDP country offices in Zambia and China, and was made possible by a USD 5.4 million investment by the Governement of Denmark, with USD 2.6 million allocated to Zambia.

The project will help promote the UN’s « Sustainable Energy for All » initiative.

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