Zambia Set to Increase Non-Traditional Exports to Mozambique

zambia export mozambique

Zambia’s participation in the Maputo International Trade Fair will increase non-traditional exports into Mozambique, Jonathan Simwawa, Director Export Development at the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA), indicates.

8 Zambian companies will showcase Zambian products at the Maputo International Trade Fair in Mozambique from August 29th until September 4th 2016.

The participating companies are from the food processing, gemstone and chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

The companies include Californian Beverages, Zambia Sugar, Mount Meru Millers, Musa Biscuits, Seba Foods, Gramiraji Investments, Milanie Cosmetics and Zayaan Investments.

According to Simwawa, this has come at the right time when the ZDA is expanding the horizon of Zambian exporters into the Mozambique market which has been under exploited.

“We are going to relaunch and re-assess the market in Mozambique and identify opportunities available,” he said.

Simwawa explained that Zambia’s non-traditional exports to Mozambique has averaged USD42m over the last 5 years with the highest value of USD78m in 2011 and the lowest of USD40m in the year 2015.

Main non-traditional exports to Mozambique include iron and steel, cereals, plastics, cosmetics, sugar, maize, beverages and explosives.

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