Green Building to Top Agenda at Zambia Build 2016

Zambia Build 2016

The second edition of Zambia Build that will take place on 23–24 June 2016 in Lusaka, will focus on green building.

Foxdale Court will be organising a workshop on this topic, which will look at: solar energy, making mixed use development greener, energy management, treatment of sewage and wastewater.

The event will feature the participation of many of the country’s professional building associations including the: Association of Building and Civil Engineering Contractors (ABCEC), National Council for Construction (NCC), Zambia Development Agency (SDA), Engineering Institution of Zambia and the American Chamber of Commerce in Zambia.

Zambia Build 2016 will also benefit from a co-location with ZIMEC, East Africa’s largest mining event. This will result in more visitors for both events, and allow companies involved in both the building and mining industries, to effectively target two different sectors at one event.

Zambia’s building and construction industry has great potential, Zambia Professional Trade Events (ZPTE), the organizer of Zambia Build, explains:

• Zambia is the country with the highest urbanization rate in Central Africa at a rate of 4.35% per annum, above other central nations (Democratic Republic of Congo 3.96%, Zimbabwe 2.50%, South Africa 2.16%).

• In 2014, the government received USD3.3bn in foreign direct investment pledges with the construction sector accounting for USD3bn.

• The Road Development Agency (RDA) is involved in a major building program called Link Zambia 8000 / Pave 2000, to build 8,000 km of road in order to attract further investment and development. The project is budgeted at USD31.4bn.

• The shortage of housing is one of Zambia’s biggest challenges. Rented accommodation and new houses to buy are in demand. In the capital Lusaka, only 300,000 units have been built out of the 860,000 housing units needed according to a survey in the late 1990’s, a deficit which is growing exponentially. The country’s four airports and river ports are being renovated to attain international infrastructure standards.

• The construction industry is one of the fastest expanding sectors for Zambia. At 21% of total GDP, the construction sector is comparable to the agriculture sector.

• Due to increased investment in construction, the Zambia Development Agency predicts an increase in demand of steel from 200,000 tons in 2011 to 300,000 tons by 2016.

For further information on ZambiaBuild 2016 please visit or contact Alessandra Linoci, Project Manager at AME Trade Ltd at +44 207 700 4949.

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