WalMart Makes Plans To Work With Zambia Farmers


US-based WalMart has announced plans to invest USD 3 million to train 135,000 Kenya, Rwanda, and Zambia farmers to grow produce for resale in its stores and possible export to the United States and United Kingdom.

The funds from WalMart will be used in collaboration with existing projects that have been organized by the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the consultancy Agribusiness Systems International, and the nonprofit organizations Global Communities and the One Acre Fund to develop farm-to-market supply chains.

WalMart’s expansion in Africa began in 2011 when the company purchased a majority share in the South African-based Massmart chain.

According to WalMart CEO Doug McMillon, who spoke during the recent US-Africa Leaders Summit, his company is looking forward to expanding its work in Africa.

“As we look at what we’re trying to do in Africa, we are simply trying to provide customers access to fresh produce and other items at a great value,” he said. “Our customers in Africa want to spend less on everyday needs so they can provide more for their families. We want to help.”

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