United Fertilizers Company Showcase Fertilization Practices and Benefits in Chisamba

Zambia United Fertilizers Company Chisamba

On 20th April 2021, United Fertilizers Company Limited (UFCL) successfully conducted a field day for local farmers in Chisamba in the Central Province of Zambia.

Farmers were able to observe differences in crop performance among various fertilization practices. Particularly, the effect of additional potassium application in form of potassium chloride was demonstrated on maize and tomatoes.

Shortly prior the field part, attendees listened to a presentation about a balanced crop fertilization approach. Mr. Simunji Simunji, Chief Agronomist, commented: “We were happy to host this event and to share a piece of science with farmers as well as students. Participants have got first a general idea, theoretical background, and thereafter were able to see and understand, what processes are taking place in the field”.

His colleague, Mr. Maksim Poltoradnev, added up on that, saying, that “establishing demonstration plots is very important for farmers as they work on the ground and used to trust only what they can see and touch with their own hands”.

About United Fertilizers Company Limited

UFCL is the newly founded agro-inputs distributor in Africa. It is created by the initiative group of Russian origin companies URALCHEM and Uralkali.

Both are well known on the international mineral fertilizer market. URALCHEM is the leading Russian producer of nitrogen-based fertilizers. Uralkali is one of the major global potash manufacturers.

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