Increased Investment In Zambian Nutrition Sector Benefits Economy And Business Community, Says Zambian Civil Society


The Zambia Civil Society Scaling up Nutrition Alliance (CSO-SUN) is calling for increased investment in the country’s nutrition sector citing its benefits to building a stronger economy and business community.

According to William Chilufya, CSO-SUN Alliance country coordinator, who spoke at the November 9th launch of the ‘Scaling Up Business Network’ event in Lusaka, while progress has been made in improving the Zambian nutrition sector, both the government and the private sector should prioritize continued improvements and increased investments to the sector.

“It is in everyone’s business to scale up nutrition in Zambia,” he said, “It builds the economy and the business community can do business in a vibrant economy and recruit its workforce from a well-nourished population.”

In response, the Acting Executive Director of the Zambian National Food and Nutrition Commission, Musonda Mofu indicated that the government is currently developing strategies to further improve access to nutrition in the country.

Additionally, President of the Zambia Association of Manufacturers (ZAM), Bright Chunga, indicated that the opportunities for investment within this sector range from agricultural production to the production of processed foods and encouraged the private sector to participate in the development of this key sector.

The Zambia CSO-SUN Alliance is a movement of national Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) that works to enhance the importance of nutrition within the national development agenda.

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