Zambia Bank Supports SME With Improved Financial Inclusion


Barclays Bank Zambia has pledged to support more than 10,000 Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with financial inclusion through specialized services including business clubs and value propositions.

According to Saviour Chibiya, CEO  and Managing Director, Barclays Bank Zambia is one of the country’s largest banks with 55 branches and 151 ATMs and is currently driving financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills programs through its and partnerships with COMESA, Plan International, UNICEF, Grassroots Soccer and Junior Achievement.

“At Barclays Bank we constantly identify new ways of building financial literacy because it is an important component of what we do because we are aware that the youth are the future of this country,” he said.

Chibiya went on to indicate that the Zambia financial sector has achieved several critical milestones including an increase in the number of banks from 13 to 19 banks.

In line with the country’s development plans, the financial sector in Zambia is currently one of the largest tax contributors in the country and supports economic sectors including mining, agriculture, energy, construction, manufacturing, transport, tourism and the public sector.

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