Zambia Health Minister Agrees On Chikuni Mission Health Centre Upgrade


Impressed with the facilities while touring the Chikuni Mission Health Centre on August 19th, Zambian Health Deputy Minister Chitalu Chilufya urged Southern Province medical officials to immediately upgrade it into a first level referral hospital.

The status upgrade implies a higher grant from the government, more personnel as well as a larger drug supply for the Chikuni Mission Health Centre, which has a capacity of 108 beds, a modern laboratory, a maternity ward and 2 modern operating theatres.

Chilufya declared: « Chikuni Health Centre has adequate infrastructure and equipment to provide services as a first level hospital, upgrade the grant to the hospital and beef up staff to this centre”, adding that it would also help decongest the Monze Mission Hospital, a second level hospital covering the same area in southern Zambia.

Happily welcoming the news, Chikuni Mission Acting Director Father Bert Otten thanked the government as well as his hard-working staff for the upgrade, while calling on the government to work on the nearby Gwembe-Chisekese road to improve access and communication.

This comes within a month of completion of phase 1 of the construction of the K11.5 million Gwembe District Hospital, which will be able to service 62.000 patients in the area once completed.

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